General Informations

General Informations (2)

The World Rowing Coastal Championships is located on the venue of the Societe Nautique de Monaco, in the Port of Monaco. The races will take place on the Monaco’s coasts, in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Boat Park will be situated on the quay of Societe Nautique. The venue is close to most of the offered accommodations.


The Information desk is located close to the venue entrance, in the village.

Opening times: 8:30 – 17:30 (During the racing days, the desk will be open 1 hour before the start of racing)


VISA Requirements to penetrate and stay in the Principality during a period not exceeding three months:

  • Any person of foreign nationality who wishes to enter Monaco territory and to stay there for a period not exceeding three months must possess the document required when entering French territory (passport, travel or identity document).
  • French nationals must merely be holders of the national identity card issued by the French administration.
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